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Lawsuits: Beyonce & Jay Z – Sued For “Drunk In Love”

imageimageBeyonce and Jay Z have been sued for there hit song ‘Drunk In Love’ which peaked at number 2 on “Billboard 200”. An Hungary singer is suing them regarding the lyrics of the song according to the singer the married couple plagiarised her lyrics. In terms of our 2cents over here at SWAGONLOCK we think it’s a matter of power and prersuasion. No read or shade but it’s not the first or last time Beyonce has been accused of stealing music !!

New Video: Beyonce & Jay Z Bang Bang Part 1!

Beyonce and Jay z have released the video for their tour theme called bang bang, it’s a way of promoting the on the run tour which will close to a sold out crowd in Paris this Saturday. The clip is inspired by bonnie and Clyde so check it out !!!image

Vacation: Beyonce & Jay Z Spotted On Vecay!

Beyonce who celebrated her 33rd birthday last week was spotted with her husband Jay Z and Daughter Blue in Italy. The married couple looked happy and enjoyed down time as a family after the success of the “On The Run Tour and Beyz Icon VMA Award. Over here at swagonlock we love to see celebs let loose and be free and live their life’s specially mega stars like Beyonce and Jay Z so more power to them !!!!!image




Illumanti: Blu Cantrell “Jay Z’s EX” Taken To Psych Ward After Santa Monica Break Down!

imageBlu Cantrell claims someone gave her “poisonous gas” last night. Police took her into custody for psychological evaluation. Jay z ex was said to be acting crazy and now is under mental care and in a mental hospital for help sources say she is insane and is scared someone is trying to kill her, she is most known for her hit songs “Hit Em Up” & “Breath” ft Sean Paul which hit number 1 in the U.K in 2003 over a decade ago. Considered a 1 hit wonder her only recent claim to fame was been named after Beyonce’s child “Blue” which was weird because she dated Jay for 2 years before Beyonce existed to him. Over here at swagonlock we hope she is fine and gets well and we hope Jay and co aren’t turning her crazy for silence issues because streets say she knows alot about Jays marriage!

Drama: Matthew Knowles States That Beyonce Faked Elevator Fight!

Matthew Knowles who is Beyonce and Solonge’s father states the elevator image

fight between his daughter and Jay Z was fake. In a interview with a Texas radio station Matthew states the fight was fake to create media coverage and for Jay & Bey to sell more tour tickets for there “On The Run Tour”. The plan worked because the tour grossed over $100 million. According to sources Matthew thinks everything there do is calculated for money purposes. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think Matthew anit right for putting down his family, he allegedly got fired as Bey’s manager for stealing money so the only person that cares about money is him so no shade but look after your business Matthew and leave your daughters alone !

Beyonce Accused Of Stealing Blue Ivy !

image image imageA woman named Tina Seals has reportedly filed a maternity lawsuit in Manhattan in which she claims to be the mother of Blue Ivy Carter, Jay Z and Beyonce’s only child.  The rumored legal document alleges that Seals is seeking “to verify whether she is the biological mother” of the toddler and that she was “previously associated” in some way with defendants “Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Carter.”  In terms of our 2 cents over here at swagonlock we think this story is crazy and we not sure what to believe more on this developing story as it comes….

Another Day Another Rumour: Beyonce & Jay Z Sleeping In Different Hotels!!

imageThe On The Run Tour is still on and according to reports Beyonce and Jay Z are sleeping in different hotel rooms while on tour. MediaTakeOut goes as far as stating that 4 divorce lawyers have been brought in to draw up a divorce settlement. RadarOnline reports that Beyonce was seen last week in NYC viewing a 21million dollar apartment in the city this is weird considering her and Jay already own an apartment in New York. Star Magazine reports that the couple who are set to make 150 million from the tour in gross tickets have already been paid a 100 million in advance and that is why there must complete the tour, and act happy doing so because it’s business and money on the line. Jay and Bey are set to split after tour with J telling lawyers he doesn’t want Bey to do talk shows like Oprah or Barbara Walters because she is no victim. In terms of our opinions over here at swagonlock we don’t know what to believe but these rumours are in serious over drive so time will tell !

Solonge Elevator Attack: Reports State Fight Was Because Of Rihanna!

Numerous sources are stating that the fight between Jay Z and Solonge was 100% over Rihanna. The story has come up again because outlets are reporting that one journalist obtained the audio of the video in the lift and that the fight was over Jay Z wanting to go to Rihanna After Party and not wanting Solonge or Beyonce to come with him. More of these developing reports as they come stay locked to swagonlock!rihanna-perfumeimageimageimage