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New: Afrobeatz Star D-Soul Reveals Artwork For New Single

Rising Afrobeatz Star D-Soul has just unveiled the artwork for his new single “Viva Africa”. The single follows in the footsteps of hit tune “Dance To Da Beat” in terms of the sound of the single it’s a uplifting african anthem that is sure to please the mass due to it’s feel good vibe. Not familiar with D-Soul take a listen to his YouTube page D-Soul TV his discography has a lot of amazing tunes, don’t sleep on this soon to be megastar. Over here at swagonlock we love the artwork for his epic tune so more power to Mr. Soul !!image



AfroBeatz $tar: D-Soul To Perform At Notting hill Carnival After-Party!


imageD-soul is taking over the U.K the rising afro Beatz star has been performing at different venues within the U.K. His latest gig is an after party performance in London, after the massive Nottinghill Carnival. He also recently revealed merchandise in relation to his Brand as an artist the black t-shirts he has introduced prove his ever growing brand. His latest single “Dance to Da Beat” is still in heavy rotation on radio stations across the country, his new single “Viva Africa” is going to be epic so more power to Mr Soul who keeps doing it big for the Afrobeatz Arena.

Snippet: D-Soul Teasers With Viva Africa!

image image imageAs previously reported up and coming afrobeatz hit maker D-Soul will release his new single Viva Africa in Septemebr or even sooner, but know the African Prince has got his ever growing fan base excited by releasing a teaser of the epic and infectous tune on his personal Instagram page take a listen to the snippet. Our here at swagonlock what we hear so far we love, which leaves us excited for the final version of the “Budding” Hit.

AFRO BEATZ NEW KING: Vid Fab, D-Soul Dance to Da Beat


D-soul is a Nigerian star taking over the U.K with past hits such as Omalicha and Kilode. His new singe Dance to da beat is climbing up the charts and is available on itunes and amazon, along side his 8 track EP which is gaining momentum. The EP includes budding hits such as See Trouble keep eyes opened for this future mega-star. More Power To Him !!