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Break Ups: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Divorce !

imageHollywood rolyaity have called a quits, after 12 years of dating and 10 years of marriage, Beniffer have split. Ben and Jen have split and are official divorced, the sad news comes after rumours of Bens unfaithful ways.

The movies star are struggling to come up with a pre-nup agreement but sources close to swagonlock state they will share mutual custody of there 3 kids.

What Sad & Shocking News over here at swagonlock we hope their families get through this because divorce is like a death !!

Fire: Rihanna Covers Esquire Magazine With Her Fablousenes!

imageimageimage image imageAnother day another ririr mag cover. Rihanna last album was in 2012 and this year alone she has covered over 15 high fashion magazines, her latest and second this week first one been Elle is the smoking hot cover of “Esquire UK” RIRI eats it up and proves why she is the baddest bish in the game without new tunes #werk #$

Event Fab: Fashion Rocks Takes Place In New York City!

Fashion Rocks is an annual event show on CBS which combines fashion and music but this year happened to be one of the hottest ever. Blazing the New York Fashion Week saw performers and models take to the stage and runway at the “Barclays Centre” in Brookyln the likes of Justin Biber, Kelly Osbourne and 2 Chainz showed up. J-Lo, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora and Usher ripped the stage up for an eventful masterpiece of a show. Snap through the pics and videos in the post image







image To see what went down!!

Movie Trailer: Jennifer Lopez New Film “The Boy Next Door”

Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen with new “thriller” titled The Boy Next Door the trailer is extra juicy and builds anticipation for the film which is about a older lady having an affair with a teenager which turns into obsession. Critics have poised the film has J-Los best film since “Maid In Manhattan” and oscar buzz surrounds her performance in the film. Over here at swagonlock we love Mrs Lopez she is the definition of a triple threat, actresses, singer and dancer as well as mogul who’s net worth is a reported $500 million. More power to her!

Elevator 2.0: Ray Rice Abuses Girlfriend In Elevator !!

Ray Rice is an NFL football player and has created a lot of controversy by beating his then girlfriend in an Elevator till she passed out. The footage was obtained by TMZ yesterday has sent the internet into shock waves the violence actually happened in Febuaury and since then he has
Married his girlfreind, however he has been banned by NFL and people are calling for him to be dropped by everyone. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think shame on him he needs to be arrested for this and why would his girl marry him after this it’s just shocking. It seems like elevators are where ishh goes down anyone remember Solonge and Jay all this is a mess and criminal behaviour!!image

To Be Exposed: Kim Kardashian Scared Over Celebrity iCloud Hackers !!

The worlds biggest hack situation is happening right now with celebrities personal iCloud, data been hacked this has lead to fake and real naked photos of the likes of Jennifer  Lawrence and Ariana Grande been released.  The latest victim of the hacking scandal could be Kim K and according to “In Touch” Magazine she is terrified and doing what she can in her power to ensure this doesn’t happen. So what is she scared of? Sources say her iCloud includes information such as “Sexting” with her Ex Boyfriend Reggie Bush as well as freaky images with her and husband Kanye West. Other information hacked could be her families secrets and spending habits sources say Kim is spending beyond her means and her $45 million dollar net worth is not what people think due to spending on things like plastic surgery. Apple Have investigated the hack and advised everyone to Change there iCloud accounts. Over here at swagonlock we think the hacking is only going to get messier and messier and more dirty secrets on celebs will be released. image

Hot $hotz:GQ Men Of The Year Honours Kim K!

The QG Men of the Year 2014 Awards took place in London, last night and the stars were all in the building. The likes of Rita Ora, Pharelle, Jessie J and Nicole Scherzinger were including in the ceremony. Shade has been thrown for Kim Kardashain West winning “Woman Of The Year” her husband Kanye was on course to support and was right by her side as she was honoured. Over here at swagonlock we don’t get our words twisted by Kim is one of our favourite reality stars and despite her lack of “Talent” we think accolades like GQ are appropriate for her lane, because it’s no Oscar orimage image image image image image image image image image image Grammy it’s a fun award so no pun intended by congrats to Kim and all the winners this year more power to “EM”.


Trailer: Love & Hip Hop- Hollywood

Hollywood is the latest, to get on the love & hip hop bandwagon with the likes of Soulja Boy, Ray J and Omarion joining the cast it’s set to be “RACHET” as well as entertaining and will give the image

Atlanta version a run for it’s money. Now to build up anticipation a new trailer has been released, with the September 15th air date revealed by VH1. Over here at swagonlock we can wait to watch this it looks all kinds of juicy !

Drama: Love & Hip Hop- Atlanta Rocked By Drugs?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has had a troubled season, with lies, cheating scams and sex tapes. The first part of the 3 part reunion caused issues with audience members and co-starts stating their seen Josline and Stevie J smoking from crack-cocaine pipes during taping takes of the show, Apparently this lead to there physical attack on other co-stars. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think “Rachet” television is fun but Love & Hip Hop are taking it to far and there has to be a cut off cord, VH1 need to enforce rules and not having black people making a full of themselves on television just for a pay check, Housewives of Atlanta was in a similar boat with entertainment and RACHET behaviour and not giving people of colour a bad stereotypical image, so we hope all this changes and that shows like these get it right and entertain us while still keeping people’s dignity  !image

Congratulations: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Get Married!

Brad and Angelina have been together for 9 years and only got engaged in 2012 after a house full of kids. Now image

according to sources via People Magazine the couple have tied the knot and reps to the superstar couple confirm that they are indeed Mr and Mrs Pitt. The couple got married in a intimate setting in Malta and are said to be very happy. Once again congrats to the beautiful couple!