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Breaking News: “You Are The Father” Chris Brown Is A Dad !

kacb-daughter riri

The World was rocked today when, exclusive news hit the net and broke the internet in the form of mega star Chris Brown becoming a dad. Chris has fathered a nine month old baby girl. Swagonlock can also exclusively reveal the baby mama is video vixen Nia and that her and Chris are on good terms and the 25 year old singer enjoys been a father.

In terms of our two cents, we are shocked with this news and the swagonlock team took a poll and all decided that Chris is one mucky-mess. We feel sorry for Karrueche Tran she must feel like a thot reached to baby mama status before her, what a shame, and Rihanna is somewhere reeding and shading the situation. A total mess good luck Chris you going to need it.

New Video: Big Sean feat. Drake & Kanye West – “Blessings”

untitledBig Sean is the man of the hour in relation to the rap game, he Is on the tip of everyone’s tongue with hit tune “I Don’t Fu*k With You”. Looking to progress his album sales the rapper releases the visual to his epic collaboration with the games hottest rappers Kanye West and Drake. “Dark Sky Paradise” is Big Sean new album and its set to debut at number 1 tomorrow on the Billboard 200 with predicted sales of 165,000 copies.

Over here at swagonlock headquarters we love the album and visual for blessings is symbolic and different and we cant help but think that Sean hit the nail on the head which can only result in winning, however we find Drakes verse a little repetitious to songs from his new mixtape but hey that’s just opinion and no reed or shade overall epic song and  video more power to all of em.

Comeback: New Video G-Unit Debut Hot Video For Single “Im Grown”

Call it a comeback G-Unit, have hit back at naysayers with an epic new video for their single “Im Grown” which is apart of their new “EP” titled The Beast is G-Unit. The video is everything a rap video should be and the beat and the flow of the group is the best G-Unit and 50 cent have been in years, this EP is an extension of their comeback record, “The Beauty of Independence. The album debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 14,472 copies.

In terms of our two cents over here at “Swagonlock we think, this is a fire comeback and we turning up to this single and its a good look for the group, that there back in the spotlight with 50 Cent appearing on Chris Browns Tour recently, it shows that things are on the look up, here’s to hoping the tune sets the charts alight. Keep Going G-Unit_The_Beast_Is_G-UnitSquad.

Break Ups: Nicole Scherzinger Ends It With Lewis Hamilton, Due To Refused Marriage!

Nicole Scherzinger cant catch a break the former Pussycat Doll leading lady has failed in many aspects of her life. The star has failed in music with her latest album “Big Fat Lie” not even producing one mega hit, the lastest blow to the star is that her rich and talented boyfriend of 7 years Lewis Hamilton has refused to marry Nicole leaving her with no choice but to end the relationship, this is not the first time the couple broke up there have done it numerous times in the past.

In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock headquarters we think, Nicole needs to understand she is 36 years old and Lewis is 30 if she wanted marriage she should of been with child by know, but guess she is waited to long and that has lead to 7 years with no ring or baby, gurl its time you get preggs or kiss Mr Hamilton Bye these gurls these days need to understand 12 rules of keeping a man. learn boo !!!untitled

Dare Devil: Rihanna Swims With Sharks For Harpers Bazaarus !

One thing that sets Rihanna aside from any other artist is her “daring nature”, the mega-star pushes the envelope all the time. Four Five Seconds her new single is already a top 5 hit, and charting at number in 37 countries, even through many stated it was to slow, the singer proved them wrong, with that said her next daring role was swimming with sharks for the march issue of harpersbazaarus magazine check the footage out.

Over here at swagonlock we love riri new daring sound and music video for her single and we glad its doing well and proving you don’t have to twerk, be rachet or even rap and sing crap on a tune for people to turn up to for the song to be a hit. Riri showed she is indeed the queen of versatile. More power to her !B9CmC2ICcAAYrbw B9Cn0L4CEAABz8v B9CqC5fCQAEwaz8

Box Office Queen: Jennifer Lopez Earns Hit Movie With “The Boy Next Door”

Triple threat is what she is called, everyone knows Jennifer Lopez she is a legend in all types of entertainment from Movies, Music, Fashion, Television whatever it is you name she has done it well. Today box office mojo & forbes have reavealed that her new flick The Boy Next Door has debuted at number 2, on the box office with earning of $15million in just one weekend making it her second best opening figure as a lead actresses. The film is produced by Jennifer herself and had a low budget of $4million meaning its already made 4times its budget back making it a hit, and adding to jlo bank account which stands at a reported $430million dollars. More Power to J-LO she is the definition of “SuperStar”. Look out for another new film from her soon, co-starring Viola Davis from “How To Get Away With Murder” swagonlock knows it will be another hit movie!

images7U2IU9YB jlo li

Broke: Nigerian Star D’Banj Broke Cant Afford To Pay Staff ?

Nigerian megastar D’Banj who is most famous for his hit tune “Oliver Twist” which peaked at number 9 in the U.K Official Charts . The afro-beatz star has a reported net worth of N60 million which is 60 million Nigerian dollars but in America that is only around $1,000,000 on a good day. Staff have told the media there have been unpaid for 3 months and that D’Banj is in debt with so many companies. In terms of our 2 cents over here at swagonlock we think D’Banj is living beyond his means, with a house in Nigeria and America its money spent in wrong ways and to get out this financial hole he needs to let some robes unravel, p.s do you think that is why Kenya from Housewives of Atlanta left him cuz he had no coins andD'banjawards she knew how to reed, kikikikiki a mess fix up D’Banj !

New Gem: Rihanna Debuts New Song With Kanye West & Paul McCartney !

untitledRihanna returns to the music industry after almost 3 years away with her acoustic influenced song “Four Five Seconds”. The song is a breath of fresh air given the climate of music, all sounding the same or been ratchet. Leave it to the queen to bring something different, the song slays and Kanye does his thing as well its amazing how unique her tone is, the new is already a best seller on iTunes. swagonlock loves the song and we think its nothing short of epic, more power to this iconic trio.

Messy: Lil Wayne Sues Birdman, Due to Young Thug?

Lil Wayne, cant catch a break the hip hop superstar has had a difficult past few months, with the release of his new album not seeing the light due to birdman. According to numerous sources the star is suing his hip hop daddy “Birdman” and the entire “Cash Money” label for a reported $8 million due to the delay of his latest Carter album. People close to wayne state he is depressed and wants out of the label and baby is punishing him. A raft between the two was reportedly created due to cash money artist “Young Thug” who has taken over the financial budget of the entire label and is birdmans main pioroity due to his current cross over appeal on hit songs such as “Stoner & Lifestyle“.

In terms of our two cents over here at swagonlock we think, birdman should release Wayne from his contract and concentrate on young thug who he seems to care about more, this entire situation is messy anyway anyone remember when birdman and Wayne kissed??? no shade just facts….. keep it locked to swagonlock for more on this developing story. dsf

Copy Cat Files: Chris Brown Accused Of Copying Rihanna !!

There are two of the biggest stars of they generation, with a past relationship but today fans and naysayers alike have accused mega star Chris Brown of copying a riri video which his new tune “Autumn Leaves” in the video Chris plays around with current girlfriend “Karrueche Tran” however critics state a similarity in the video to that of Rihanna’s 2011 hit tune “Princess of China” which was with ”

Coldplay” fans are outraged that the Chris would steal the concept of the video and add karrueche in it !!!

Over here at swagonlock we don’t see similarities in the video, we think people are making a bigger deal of the issue than it is, anyway we will let the people be the judge are the videos similar ??? check them out below!!!