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Moving On – Nene Leaks Leaves “Real Housewives Of Atlanta !

imageIt has been a busy last few months for swagonlock but now the team is back, we are sad to report the following story.

Queen of Reality Tee is leaving RHOA, that’s right Nene Leaks spoke to some members of People Magazine and confirmed today via “Instagram” that she is indeed leaving the show. The news comes after leaks broke down on the reunion, and was constantly attacked by cast members. Leaks States she has to move on even through she was the highest paid housewives.

Nene has sad and good news today she and Kim Kardashian West confirmed she will be apart of Kim’s blockbuster Video Game and Leaks also states she is on a new prime time TV show so she is not crying over housewives.

Over here at swagonlock we loves us some naynay and without her we afraid the show won’t draw us in with Kenya and Co. Been so thirsty and ratchet, the show is losing its core value with our Mrs Leaks but hey that’s our Two Cents…..image


Winning: NeNe Leaks Highest Paid House Wife With 1.5 Million Dollars!

imageimageNene Leaks is on top once again and has been named the highest paid housewife in all of the franchises that inclued Jersey, L.A and Orange county. Miss leaks will earn 1.5million dollars for the upcoming 7th season of “RHOA” the Atlanta Housewives have never experienced a rating decline like other reality shows and “Bravo” bosses believe it’s because of NeNe due to her segment recieving highest rating so that is why she is worth the money. Leaks net worth know stands at a mind blowing “15 Million Dollars” more power to her !!

Rich Bish: NeNe Leaks Clothing Line Sells Out In 1 Day!

image image image image image image

Nene Leaks is proving why she is the most successful house wife out of them all, first of all she is the highest paid housewive making a million dollars per season more than any other wife within the franchise. She can now add fashion designer to her list of accomplishments the reality tv stars clothing line with HSN “Home Shopping Network” sold out within 1 day, and know her collection is on course to be a success. Over here at swagonlock we love some NeNe so more power to her and werk huni!

Shade Files: NeNe Leaks Claps Back At Wendy Williams !

image image image imageWendy williams recently dissed a bag that Nene Leaks has designed for charity and Mrs Leaks anit having it telling Wendy she is a hater and that she doesn’t support other black Woman. In terms of our two cents on this beef we think Wendy had it coming she is always throwing shade at nene and this time NeNe had it and the bag is for charity so it’s a good thing. Wendy needs to be told read the rest of what Nene had to say within the post…… Mean while we sips the tea on this shade !!!