Drama: Beyonce Accused Of Copying Rihanna !


In a world of so many females, very few have passed the line of Beyonce… That was until the one and only Rihanna entered the game 10 years ago, since then Riri has over took Bey by having more number 1s and selling more records in general.

Fans of “Bitch Better Have My Money” Hitmaker have today accused Beyonce of copying riri, bey has released a line of temporary flash tattoos something Rihanna already did in June of this year. This is not the first time Bey has been accused of copying the 27 year old beauty, in 2013 Beyonce released her record breaking album which critics sited Rihanna as an inspiration due to bey taking about sex and using more sex appeal
Methods as previously done by Rihanna.

The fight between these ladies will never end specially with the navy and beyhive always turning up to each other. But there are in fact the biggest female artists on the planet so more power to em.

On a side note: over here at Swagonlock we throw shade and Bey did copy riri but then again when age is hitting u have to look down to the younger folk to get inspiration, anyway that’s our two cents and we sticking to it !!!