Another Day Another Rumour: Beyonce & Jay Z Sleeping In Different Hotels!!

imageThe On The Run Tour is still on and according to reports Beyonce and Jay Z are sleeping in different hotel rooms while on tour. MediaTakeOut goes as far as stating that 4 divorce lawyers have been brought in to draw up a divorce settlement. RadarOnline reports that Beyonce was seen last week in NYC viewing a 21million dollar apartment in the city this is weird considering her and Jay already own an apartment in New York. Star Magazine reports that the couple who are set to make 150 million from the tour in gross tickets have already been paid a 100 million in advance and that is why there must complete the tour, and act happy doing so because it’s business and money on the line. Jay and Bey are set to split after tour with J telling lawyers he doesn’t want Bey to do talk shows like Oprah or Barbara Walters because she is no victim. In terms of our opinions over here at swagonlock we don’t know what to believe but these rumours are in serious over drive so time will tell !


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