Break Ups: Nicole Scherzinger Ends It With Lewis Hamilton, Due To Refused Marriage!

Nicole Scherzinger cant catch a break the former Pussycat Doll leading lady has failed in many aspects of her life. The star has failed in music with her latest album “Big Fat Lie” not even producing one mega hit, the lastest blow to the star is that her rich and talented boyfriend of 7 years Lewis Hamilton has refused to marry Nicole leaving her with no choice but to end the relationship, this is not the first time the couple broke up there have done it numerous times in the past.

In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock headquarters we think, Nicole needs to understand she is 36 years old and Lewis is 30 if she wanted marriage she should of been with child by know, but guess she is waited to long and that has lead to 7 years with no ring or baby, gurl its time you get preggs or kiss Mr Hamilton Bye these gurls these days need to understand 12 rules of keeping a man. learn boo !!!untitled

Dare Devil: Rihanna Swims With Sharks For Harpers Bazaarus !

One thing that sets Rihanna aside from any other artist is her “daring nature”, the mega-star pushes the envelope all the time. Four Five Seconds her new single is already a top 5 hit, and charting at number in 37 countries, even through many stated it was to slow, the singer proved them wrong, with that said her next daring role was swimming with sharks for the march issue of harpersbazaarus magazine check the footage out.

Over here at swagonlock we love riri new daring sound and music video for her single and we glad its doing well and proving you don’t have to twerk, be rachet or even rap and sing crap on a tune for people to turn up to for the song to be a hit. Riri showed she is indeed the queen of versatile. More power to her !B9CmC2ICcAAYrbw B9Cn0L4CEAABz8v B9CqC5fCQAEwaz8