Power: University Of Texas Offers “Womanism” Course About Rihanna & Beyonce!

imageRihanna and Beyonce these two have a lot in common, but the main common element was Jay Z but now that changes one of the respected universities in America, Texas has introduced a course based on the divas success in life entitled “Womanism”. The course will get students to study the empires of these two mega stars and understand what makes a successful woman in the world today. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think this is historical and epic and proves why these two ladies are “ICONS as of 2014 at the age of 33 Beyonce has a reported net worth of $450 million and Rihanna who is 26 has a net worth of $280 million. More Power To Them!!!

Winning: NeNe Leaks Highest Paid House Wife With 1.5 Million Dollars!

imageimageNene Leaks is on top once again and has been named the highest paid housewife in all of the franchises that inclued Jersey, L.A and Orange county. Miss leaks will earn 1.5million dollars for the upcoming 7th season of “RHOA” the Atlanta Housewives have never experienced a rating decline like other reality shows and “Bravo” bosses believe it’s because of NeNe due to her segment recieving highest rating so that is why she is worth the money. Leaks net worth know stands at a mind blowing “15 Million Dollars” more power to her !!