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Breaking News: “You Are The Father” Chris Brown Is A Dad !

kacb-daughter riri

The World was rocked today when, exclusive news hit the net and broke the internet in the form of mega star Chris Brown becoming a dad. Chris has fathered a nine month old baby girl. Swagonlock can also exclusively reveal the baby mama is video vixen Nia and that her and Chris are on good terms and the 25 year old singer enjoys been a father.

In terms of our two cents, we are shocked with this news and the swagonlock team took a poll and all decided that Chris is one mucky-mess. We feel sorry for Karrueche Tran she must feel like a thot reached to baby mama status before her, what a shame, and Rihanna is somewhere reeding and shading the situation. A total mess good luck Chris you going to need it.

Copy Cat Files: Chris Brown Accused Of Copying Rihanna !!

There are two of the biggest stars of they generation, with a past relationship but today fans and naysayers alike have accused mega star Chris Brown of copying a riri video which his new tune “Autumn Leaves” in the video Chris plays around with current girlfriend “Karrueche Tran” however critics state a similarity in the video to that of Rihanna’s 2011 hit tune “Princess of China” which was with ”

Coldplay” fans are outraged that the Chris would steal the concept of the video and add karrueche in it !!!

Over here at swagonlock we don’t see similarities in the video, we think people are making a bigger deal of the issue than it is, anyway we will let the people be the judge are the videos similar ??? check them out below!!!

Beef: Chris Brown Goes Ham On Females Again !

image imageChris Brown has done it again this time the singer went off on Adrianna Bailon and Tamar Braxton because they stated on the tevision “The Real” that Chris was a player and hurt his girlfriend Karrueche by cheating on her all the time. Chris took to Instagram to throw shade and Attack these females. Over here at SwagonLock we think it’s sad that Chris always lets negative comments shadow his amazing talent, grow up Chris #mess

Drama: Gun Shots Fired At Chris Brown Partty !

image                                                Chris brown is once again at the centre of drama, but this time it was not his fault TMZ are reporting that gunshots were fired at 1 Oak nightclub in L.A. According to sources 3 people were shot read more via TMZ link within the post. #drama

Hot $hotz: Rihanna Attends Charity Event To Watch Chris?

image image image imageRihanna attended the basketball charity game in association with Roc Nation, it was held at Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. The game included celebrities playing for charity and no other than Chris Brown was playing riri ex was said to be nervous of his on looking mega star ex girlfriend. The shots are uncomfortable and weird, but we can tell these two still have a connection.

Reunited: Chris Brown & Karreuche Are Back Together !

image image image imageChris brown and Kae are back together she confirmed it herself via Twitter. Kae knows how Chris walks all over her and she is staying for financial progression and not just love because she is Browns personal door mat. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think this relationship is twisted and messed up and we think he is going to Ike Turner her soon #noshade

New Video Alert: Dj Khaled ft Chris Brown, August, Future imageDj Khaled is back with his mega new single featuring Chris Brown, Future, August and Jeremiah. The song titled “Hold You Down” is everything and the video is a epic and star-studded feature list makes it even more special this tune is turn up power !!