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Back Together: Ciara & Future Back On?

Ciara & Future are back on and popping like popcorn. Sources close to CICI tell “TMZ” that Ciara wants her family back and she knows Future is a good dad and she respects him as a dad and that it’s important her 4 month old son have a full family. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think it’s respectable her decision but if he cheated then she is been brave and at the end of the day he is a man with 5 children so his focus anit going to only been on her child with him. But it’s a good look for there careers because no one is checking for their music but together they manage to unite the “Poor Man’s Jay and Beyonce when it comes to power couples. #justsaying #noshadeimage

New Video: Jeezy Ft Future- No Tears!


Jezzy will release his new album soon and it is one of the most anticipated rap albums of 2014. Today saw the release of “No Tears” the Future assisted single is the new one from the album and the video and the song are noting short of Epic. More power to “Them” on a tune !!

New Video Alert: Dj Khaled ft Chris Brown, August, Future imageDj Khaled is back with his mega new single featuring Chris Brown, Future, August and Jeremiah. The song titled “Hold You Down” is everything and the video is a epic and star-studded feature list makes it even more special this tune is turn up power !!

Child Support: Future Child Maintenance Increased !

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Future has made an agreement with 1 of his 4 baby mamas in relation to his first born son who is now 11 years old. His child support has been increased from $1,200 to $2,800 the judge made this settlement because it is reported Future is earning $50,000 a month so it’s only right he pays more. Rumours are swirling that all his baby mama drama and the cost of having many kids is affecting his relationship with Ciara who just had his child. Future net worth is a reported 2 million Dollars and Ciara net worth is 15 million dollars and it’s causing issues because Future spends more than he earns with his lifestyle. Our Two Cents here at swagonlock we think 50k and month when you have 4 kids and you live a leavege lifestyle is nothing so it’s clear future is dipping into Ciara accounts because he is not yet rich enough to be balling the way he does and that is fact #noshade

Split: Rumours Of Trouble In Paradise With Future & Ciara?

According to various sources including Bossip, Ciara and Future are on the rocks because he is still alledgly smashing one of his baby mamas to smitens. Ciara has been posting serveral heartbreak and betray quotes on Instagram while Future just Keeps posting pics of work related projects. We over here at swagonlock love these two as a couple and we hope this anit true and we hope CICI ties the not with Future so good luck to the sexy couple !!