Sad Files: Joan Rivers Officially On Life Support

Joan Rivers is reportedly on Life Support meaning she is in a coma and it will be a miracle for her to make it out alive. Joan was rushed to hospital after she stopped breathing during a routine vocal cord surgery. Sources state she is knocking on “Death’s” door and her family including her daughter Melissa is in shock. Over here at swagonlock we keep Joan in our prayers we hope she makes it out of this coma get better soon Joan. image

Hot $hotz: Snoop Dogg Transforms For Movie?

Snoop Dogg is a white guy, named Todd for a new movie role. The Iconic rapper took to his personal Instagram page to post pictures of him in a blonde wig with a face full of white make-up for his upcoming role. These pics are nothing short of extra, lol got to love Snoop!!image image

Anaconda Bite: Nicki Minaj Video “Banned” In U.K

Nicki Minaj’s gem “Anaconda” has created so much controversy from the artwork to the single to the lyric nature of the tune. Today sees more issues for the single in the U.K the video has been banned for its-explicit nature and it can only be viewed after 9pm at night on music outlets in the country.  Thiimage

s serves as another blow to Minaj because the single is yet to chart in the U.K it has so far reached top 20 in Australia and Canada. However we sure she anit losing sleep over the video been banned because it has broke the “Vevo Record” for most viewing of a video in 24 hours with almost 20 million views, it is also her highest charting single in America peaking at number 2 so far on the “Billboard Hot 100” so more power to Mrs Minaj!!!

Time Magazine Call Rihanna An Icon!

image image image image image image image imageimageTime magazine which is the most important and respected factual magazine in the world have released official data on the top 10 rankings of the biggest artists of all-time. The list is super elite and only includes “Legends” and the most influential artists to ever walk the planet. Number 1 on this list is Legend Mariah Carey who has had so many hit songs since the start of her lengthy career. Beating out the Likes Of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Usher, The Beatles and even Whitney Houston is the one and only R.I.H.A.N.N.A. She has only been in the music industry for 9 years and has already achieved Legend status Time explains the fact that she has never not achieved a “Hit” is the reason why she is a icon because everything she does creates a movement. Congratulations to the top 10 and Rihanna and her Idol Mariah Carey. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we respect all these legends in the top 10 but we have to bow down to the riri she really is the poster child for a successful career in music, on a sidenote where is “Beyonce” on the list guess she anit the hit-maker everyone sees #justsaying

Throwback Song Of Week: Whitney Houston- Nothin’ But Love!

This weeks Throwback Thursday song is from the one and only “Legend” Whitney Houston. The song “Nothin’ But Love” was a fan favourite from the late mega stars sixth and final studio album “I Look To You”. Released worldwide on this very day August the 28th 2009 it’s been 5 years since the album hit stores and it has since then been-certificated “Platinum” in America and has sold over 3 million units. We want to salute thimage image

e late grate Whitney over here at swagonlock  and honour her for the incredible talent she had and the impact she left on the music industry and as well as the world at large. R.I.P Whitney Houston now we want people to turn up this throwback tune and celebrate the greatness !!!

New Beatz: Fuse ODG Ft. Angel – T.I.N.A

Two of the biggest $tars on the urban platform of U.K music have united today. Fuse ODG & Angel have teamed up for the epic Afro-Beatz tune called “TINA” which Basically  symbols the African movement which is taking over right now. In terms of the song it’s has a mild, groovy feel which guarantees it’s hit status and it was recently added to the “A-List” playlist on “BBC Radio 1 Extra”. As the main member here at swagonlock I as a blogger have had the great opportunity of meeting these two stars so take a listen to the tune which is a hit in the making !! image image

Divorce: Mariah Carey Keeps It Moving Despite Divorce!

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon have had a bad week with both losing out in image image image imagebusiness and love. According to “E!”  Divorce between the pair is will happen sources say cheating, on Nicks side as well as weight gain and drinking on Mariah’s side has led them down splitsville. Nick appeared on his tv show “America’s Got Talent” without his wedding ring and Mariah was spotted been a good single mum with “Dem Babies”. Regardless of what happens we wish these two the best in their future best of luck to this former couple.

Beef: Lil Kim Continues Attack On Nicki Minaj!

Lil Kim has came for Nicki for many years now from the drama with K.Michelle whom Kim went mad at for calling Nicki The “Queen Of Rap”.  But Lil Kim’s new attack is a collaboration with Minaj’s “Nemesis” Iggy Azelia on her hit gem “Fancy” in the track Kim throws shade at Nicki, according to reports by T.I an official song with Iggy & Kim will come out soon. Over here image

at swagonlock we think Kim needs to accept the fact that she is scrambled eggs she just turned 40 years old and has a new baby she should focus on that and stop coming for Nicki minaj who is clearly winning at the moment with her song “Anaconda” number 1 on charts across the world.


Drama: Love & Hip Hop- Atlanta Rocked By Drugs?

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has had a troubled season, with lies, cheating scams and sex tapes. The first part of the 3 part reunion caused issues with audience members and co-starts stating their seen Josline and Stevie J smoking from crack-cocaine pipes during taping takes of the show, Apparently this lead to there physical attack on other co-stars. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think “Rachet” television is fun but Love & Hip Hop are taking it to far and there has to be a cut off cord, VH1 need to enforce rules and not having black people making a full of themselves on television just for a pay check, Housewives of Atlanta was in a similar boat with entertainment and RACHET behaviour and not giving people of colour a bad stereotypical image, so we hope all this changes and that shows like these get it right and entertain us while still keeping people’s dignity  !image