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Event Fab: Fashion Rocks Takes Place In New York City!

Fashion Rocks is an annual event show on CBS which combines fashion and music but this year happened to be one of the hottest ever. Blazing the New York Fashion Week saw performers and models take to the stage and runway at the “Barclays Centre” in Brookyln the likes of Justin Biber, Kelly Osbourne and 2 Chainz showed up. J-Lo, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora and Usher ripped the stage up for an eventful masterpiece of a show. Snap through the pics and videos in the post image







image To see what went down!!

Anaconda Bite: Nicki Minaj Video “Banned” In U.K

Nicki Minaj’s gem “Anaconda” has created so much controversy from the artwork to the single to the lyric nature of the tune. Today sees more issues for the single in the U.K the video has been banned for its-explicit nature and it can only be viewed after 9pm at night on music outlets in the country. ┬áThiimage

s serves as another blow to Minaj because the single is yet to chart in the U.K it has so far reached top 20 in Australia and Canada. However we sure she anit losing sleep over the video been banned because it has broke the “Vevo Record” for most viewing of a video in 24 hours with almost 20 million views, it is also her highest charting single in America peaking at number 2 so far on the “Billboard Hot 100” so more power to Mrs Minaj!!!

Beef: Lil Kim Continues Attack On Nicki Minaj!

Lil Kim has came for Nicki for many years now from the drama with K.Michelle whom Kim went mad at for calling Nicki The “Queen Of Rap”. ┬áBut Lil Kim’s new attack is a collaboration with Minaj’s “Nemesis” Iggy Azelia on her hit gem “Fancy” in the track Kim throws shade at Nicki, according to reports by T.I an official song with Iggy & Kim will come out soon. Over here image

at swagonlock we think Kim needs to accept the fact that she is scrambled eggs she just turned 40 years old and has a new baby she should focus on that and stop coming for Nicki minaj who is clearly winning at the moment with her song “Anaconda” number 1 on charts across the world.


New Video: U$her Ft Nicki Minaj – She Came To Give To You!

Fresh of their epic performance Usher and Minaj have released the video to Usher’s second single of his soon to be released album “UR”. The song and video are just right timing in terms of the hype surrounding the song following the VMAs as well as a perfect follow up to Usher’s urban kissed hit “Good Kisser” just epic we can’t wait for this album and Usher also goes on tour very soon the “UR Experience” is the name of the hotly anticipated tour so more power to the one and only Usher!!!

New Video: Jessie J Ft Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj Bang Bang!!

New Video Alert, Jessie J has released the video to top 10 hit song “Bang Bang” which has Nicki & Ariana on it. In terms of the visual it serves it’s purpose even through it could of been a lot more epic we still consider it a stellar video over here at swagonlock so check out the Video which will be $ick for fans of all 3 ladies so more power to them!!

New Video: Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Mu$ic Video!

imageThe long awaited video for Nicki Minajs new hit single “Anaconda” has been released and the video it’s self is controversial, the video includes lot of twerking and nudity. Given the meaning of the song the visual matches the tune perfectly however it’s going to be banned before water-shed hours to protect child from its porn like nature theme. More power to Nicki for getting another hit however at this point in her career we here at swagonlock expected her to do something different and not just rely on her sex appeal anyway #justsaying

New Mu$ic: Wiz Khalifa ft. Nicki Minaj!

image image Khalifa has released gems recently from the amazing promises to the urban anthem “We Dem Boyz”. This time he is back with his new single called “True Colours” with the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj. The tune is pure fire and it’s off his soon to be released album “BLACC HOLLYWOOD” more more power to this amazing artist keep up the gems Wiz!!

Diss: Lil Kim Reveals Another Diss Song!

Lil kim is at it again after, dissing Nicki Minaj on Beyonce’s flawless she has created another song calling Nicki fake and stating whatever she does, she don’t it first in a new song called Identify Thief take a listen. Over here at swagonlock we think Lil Kim needs to pack it in and look after her new born child because regardless Nicki is still winning point blank period!

Mag Swag: Nicki Minaj Covers The Fader !



imageNicki Minaj is the cover girl of The Fader Magazine this month and she looks fierce. The star is everywhere it terms of music she is number 1 on itunes top 100 in the US with her new single “Anaconda” and also number 2 with the Jessie j featured gem “Bang Bang” she also just did a remix with Beyonce to her hit tune “Flawless”. It’s Nicki season so more power to her…..

Photoshop: Nicki Minaj Accused Of Taking Photoshop To The Max!

image image image image image

Nicki Minaj released the single for anaconda the other day and it caused a stir with her officially changing the cover and pushing back the single it’s self. Today has seen twitter memes created in relation to a leaked picture of the original cover before Photoshop. All we can say is photoshop does wonders so if u can shop a photo do it………