Study Results: 77% Of Nigerian Women Bleach Skin To Look Like Beyonce & Rihanna!

image image image image image image image image imageNigerian Women all seem light these days when you see them in music videos or in Nollywood films but it’s because of the bleaching academic. Study’s show 77% of the women use lighting creams to appear whiter and be more attractive to men as well as
To look like superstar like Rihanna and Beyonce. Many stars have been accused of skin bleaching, at this point it’s a mega issue in many african countries as well as Jamaica on the island of Jamaica 1 in 2 use skin bleaching creams and it’s men, women as well as young children it’s really become an issue and people need to love their skin colour because it’s how God made you. This brings use to the point of bleaching are celebrities to blame let’s us know your opinions ???

Weight Gain: Chris Brown Continues To Gain Weight!

imageimage image image imageimageChris Brown is on vacation in France and recently snap shots of the star have showed his weight Gain in full sight. Sources state he was once 12stone due to his height of 6.1 at the moment he is rumoured to be around 16stone which is a 4 stone weight gain within less than a year. People need to understand that Chris was recently diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD and the medication from taking the drugs to help with those illness leads to weight gain so he will be back to fitness in the long run !!

Kim Kardashian Stands up for Brother Rob Kardashian, Slams Adrienne Bailon for “Kicking him When His Down!

image imageAdrienne Bailon is known for many things like being a hoe in the business and dating famous men like Fabolous aswell as once upon time been on Jay z Roc Nation Label, but everyone knows her from been on Keeping With The Kardashians and dating Rob. She is the cover girl of Latina Magazine this month and inside the mag she states in an article that dating Rob ruined her career and Kim K anit having it and she stood up for her brother by slamming, Adrienne Bailon for “Kicking him when he is down. Look within the post to find out how Kim K hit back. Our Two Scents over here at swagonlock we think she had it coming and that was below the belt her coming for Rob, so it’s only right Kim defends her Brother.

Exclusive Hot Shot: Eminem & Rihanna Rehearsal For Monster Tour!

image image image image

Eminem and Rihanna are icons in the music game and their 6 date tour called the Monster Tour Begins in August and their have been spotted rehearsing for the upcoming tour of the summer. Most dates are already sold out and we now the show is going to be nothing short of Iconic and Epic. Over here at swagonlock we pray they decide to extend the tour and visit the U.K we will definitely be in house for the amazing show. “Fingers Crossed”