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Christian Millian Called Names For Dating Lil Wayne?

image imageChristian Millian is known for many things been an actresses as well as a singer who had hits back in the day because on the music front mama anit doing nothing. But recently she started dating Hip Hop King Lil Wayne they relationship has caused a lot of issues with people within the industry he ex husband The Dream who she has a daughter with called her a “scarecrow” ¬†and according to sources Lil Wayne’s Daughter hates her as well. In terms of our aspects of things over here at swagonlock we think Christina has always had a reputation for using men to climb up the ladder allegedly so this comes as no suprise that she is dating Lil Wayne, she is known for making her way throught Hollywood but least she has talent to back up her Hoer like Behaviour !!

Hip Hop New Couple: Lil Wayne & Christina Millian Go Public!


Rumours have been swirling about Christian Millian leaving her record CEO fiancé Jas Prince for Hip Hop Star Lil Wayne. Last night the two made the it offical by attending the ESPY Awards together the show was hosted by Drake and included a skit with Chris Brown and Drake. So what do you think of music hottest new couple???