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Drama: Beyonce Accused Of Copying Rihanna !


In a world of so many females, very few have passed the line of Beyonce… That was until the one and only Rihanna entered the game 10 years ago, since then Riri has over took Bey by having more number 1s and selling more records in general.

Fans of “Bitch Better Have My Money” Hitmaker have today accused Beyonce of copying riri, bey has released a line of temporary flash tattoos something Rihanna already did in June of this year. This is not the first time Bey has been accused of copying the 27 year old beauty, in 2013 Beyonce released her record breaking album which critics sited Rihanna as an inspiration due to bey taking about sex and using more sex appeal
Methods as previously done by Rihanna.

The fight between these ladies will never end specially with the navy and beyhive always turning up to each other. But there are in fact the biggest female artists on the planet so more power to em.

On a side note: over here at Swagonlock we throw shade and Bey did copy riri but then again when age is hitting u have to look down to the younger folk to get inspiration, anyway that’s our two cents and we sticking to it !!!

Lawsuits: Beyonce & Jay Z – Sued For “Drunk In Love”

imageimageBeyonce and Jay Z have been sued for there hit song ‘Drunk In Love’ which peaked at number 2 on “Billboard 200”. An Hungary singer is suing them regarding the lyrics of the song according to the singer the married couple plagiarised her lyrics. In terms of our 2cents over here at SWAGONLOCK we think it’s a matter of power and prersuasion. No read or shade but it’s not the first or last time Beyonce has been accused of stealing music !!

New Video: Beyonce “7/11” !

imageBeyonce 7/11Beyonce is back with the platinum edition of her hit album “Beyonce” and once again to the suprise of the everyone when drops two new songs “Ring Off” and “7/11”. Bey knows how to break the Internet the video for “7/11” is everything work huni over here at SwagonLock we think it shows Beyonce in a new light and that helps her cause of trying to be less privite it works so more power to her !!!

Power: University Of Texas Offers “Womanism” Course About Rihanna & Beyonce!

imageRihanna and Beyonce these two have a lot in common, but the main common element was Jay Z but now that changes one of the respected universities in America, Texas has introduced a course based on the divas success in life entitled “Womanism”. The course will get students to study the empires of these two mega stars and understand what makes a successful woman in the world today. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think this is historical and epic and proves why these two ladies are “ICONS as of 2014 at the age of 33 Beyonce has a reported net worth of $450 million and Rihanna who is 26 has a net worth of $280 million. More Power To Them!!!

Vacation: Beyonce & Jay Z Spotted On Vecay!

Beyonce who celebrated her 33rd birthday last week was spotted with her husband Jay Z and Daughter Blue in Italy. The married couple looked happy and enjoyed down time as a family after the success of the “On The Run Tour and Beyz Icon VMA Award. Over here at swagonlock we love to see celebs let loose and be free and live their life’s specially mega stars like Beyonce and Jay Z so more power to them !!!!!image




Drama: Matthew Knowles States That Beyonce Faked Elevator Fight!

Matthew Knowles who is Beyonce and Solonge’s father states the elevator image

fight between his daughter and Jay Z was fake. In a interview with a Texas radio station Matthew states the fight was fake to create media coverage and for Jay & Bey to sell more tour tickets for there “On The Run Tour”. The plan worked because the tour grossed over $100 million. According to sources Matthew thinks everything there do is calculated for money purposes. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think Matthew anit right for putting down his family, he allegedly got fired as Bey’s manager for stealing money so the only person that cares about money is him so no shade but look after your business Matthew and leave your daughters alone !

$hade Files: Kim Kardashian & Beyonce Ignore Each Other At VMAs

imageBeyonce and Kim K are back at it, according to RadarOnline the two were shady and tension was thick between the two at this years VMAs. Sources say that Kim is upset with Bey for making Kanye best man Jay not attend her wedding, and that Kim thinks Bey is full of it and she is done trying to be friends with someone who ignores her and makes her feel “insecure”. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think Bey is not losing sleep over Kim not liking her I mean she is a icon and Kim is a reality star should we say anymore #noshade

Live Performance: Beyonce Performs Partition On X:10 Beyonce performs her hit single “Partition” for her HBO special X:10 in which she has been performing each week for the past 10 weeks for 5 minutes before hit show True Blood. In terms of the performance as ever it was all kinds of epic accept for the fact that all her performances are well rehearsed and come off a bit robotic with Bey u know what to expect never anything different or new same old moves and washed up twerking at 33 years old we advise her to take a break and try less booty popping #justsayingimage