Elevator 2.0: Ray Rice Abuses Girlfriend In Elevator !!

Ray Rice is an NFL football player and has created a lot of controversy by beating his then girlfriend in an Elevator till she passed out. The footage was obtained by TMZ yesterday has sent the internet into shock waves the violence actually happened in Febuaury and since then he has
Married his girlfreind, however he has been banned by NFL and people are calling for him to be dropped by everyone. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we think shame on him he needs to be arrested for this and why would his girl marry him after this it’s just shocking. It seems like elevators are where ishh goes down anyone remember Solonge and Jay all this is a mess and criminal behaviour!!image

Illumanti: Blu Cantrell “Jay Z’s EX” Taken To Psych Ward After Santa Monica Break Down!

imageBlu Cantrell claims someone gave her “poisonous gas” last night. Police took her into custody for psychological evaluation. Jay z ex was said to be acting crazy and now is under mental care and in a mental hospital for help sources say she is insane and is scared someone is trying to kill her, she is most known for her hit songs “Hit Em Up” & “Breath” ft Sean Paul which hit number 1 in the U.K in 2003 over a decade ago. Considered a 1 hit wonder her only recent claim to fame was been named after Beyonce’s child “Blue” which was weird because she dated Jay for 2 years before Beyonce existed to him. Over here at swagonlock we hope she is fine and gets well and we hope Jay and co aren’t turning her crazy for silence issues because streets say she knows alot about Jays marriage!

Cheated: Beyonce admits to been cheated on with live performance!!


Sources everywhere are talking about Beyonce changing lyrics of her 2006 album song Resentment. At a live performance of the track, last night as part of the On The Run Tour, B states she been riding with a person for 12 years and they did her wrong by cheating this is obviously to her husband. It looks like Jay did cheat after all !!!