Messy: Amber Ross Files For Divorce From Wiz Khalifa!

Amber Ross has filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa for allegedly cheating on her numerous times with video vixens. Our sources over here at swagonlock have alledgly found out that wiz has been cheating with on her of ambers friends but sources state she is also cheated on him with no other than recently separated “Nick Cannon”. Nick just became Ambers manager so if u connect the dots it makes sense over here at swagonlock our 2cents are Nick and Amber divorced their other halfs to be free to be together #justsaying

Hacked: Kim Kardashian West Latest Victim In Nude Pictures Scandal!

kim K is the latest victim of the photo hacking scandal nudes of the star have been released online and on social media sites have a look in your own time over here at SWAGONLOCK we won’t be posting them due to legal issues like privacy breachment !!!

New: Afrobeatz Star D-Soul Reveals Artwork For New Single

Rising Afrobeatz Star D-Soul has just unveiled the artwork for his new single “Viva Africa”. The single follows in the footsteps of hit tune “Dance To Da Beat” in terms of the sound of the single it’s a uplifting african anthem that is sure to please the mass due to it’s feel good vibe. Not familiar with D-Soul take a listen to his YouTube page D-Soul TV his discography has a lot of amazing tunes, don’t sleep on this soon to be megastar. Over here at swagonlock we love the artwork for his epic tune so more power to Mr. Soul !!image



Break Up$: Khloe Kardashain & French Montana Split!

According to TMZ Khloe Kardashain and French Montana have split sources state Khloe is the one that ended the relationship due to her not been fully over her ex husband Lamar Odom. Sources also state the family felt like French was taking advantage of her by rising his public profile from a D-List Rapper to an A-List power couple when with her. Over here at swagonlock we think French wasn’t really with her for who she is as a person but more like who she is in terms of celebrity, truth be told the relationship lasted longer than Kim’s last marriage #justsaying #noshadeimage