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Time Magazine Call Rihanna An Icon!

image image image image image image image imageimageTime magazine which is the most important and respected factual magazine in the world have released official data on the top 10 rankings of the biggest artists of all-time. The list is super elite and only includes “Legends” and the most influential artists to ever walk the planet. Number 1 on this list is Legend Mariah Carey who has had so many hit songs since the start of her lengthy career. Beating out the Likes Of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Usher, The Beatles and even Whitney Houston is the one and only R.I.H.A.N.N.A. She has only been in the music industry for 9 years and has already achieved Legend status Time explains the fact that she has never not achieved a “Hit” is the reason why she is a icon because everything she does creates a movement. Congratulations to the top 10 and Rihanna and her Idol Mariah Carey. In terms of our 2cents over here at swagonlock we respect all these legends in the top 10 but we have to bow down to the riri she really is the poster child for a successful career in music, on a sidenote where is “Beyonce” on the list guess she anit the hit-maker everyone sees #justsaying

Divorce: Mariah Carey Keeps It Moving Despite Divorce!

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon have had a bad week with both losing out in image image image imagebusiness and love. According to “E!” ┬áDivorce between the pair is will happen sources say cheating, on Nicks side as well as weight gain and drinking on Mariah’s side has led them down splitsville. Nick appeared on his tv show “America’s Got Talent” without his wedding ring and Mariah was spotted been a good single mum with “Dem Babies”. Regardless of what happens we wish these two the best in their future best of luck to this former couple.

Report: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Divorce?

According to TMZ and other outlets Mariah Carey and Nick are divorcing, sources state the divorce is a done deal and lawyers have come up with an agreement. Nick and Mariah have been living separately since May and have put they house for sale. Rumours of the divorce are due to an interview Nick did where he was asked 5 famous girls he slept with and he included NicoleScherzinger, Christian Millian, ┬áSelita Ebanks & Kim Kardashian. Mariah was angry about this and was embarrassed her husband would answer such a question so it’s a done deal she doesn’t want nick. More on this ┬ádeveloping story as it comes……

Legends: Four Most Successful Black Artists Ever Are Revealed!

image Scanner, Billboard, Every Recored music outlet have revealed the most successful black artists of all time and so far the top 4 have been revealed. The top 4 consists of 2 livings singers and 2 late singers, Coming in at number 1 is Michael Jackson number 2 is Mariah Carey and in at 3 is Whitney Houston and taking number 4 is the most shocking of all Rihanna. Combined these 4 have sold over a billion records their are all legends in but what is surprising that Rihanna is gained all this success in less than 9 years and is sitting up there with legends twice her age at only 26 years old. According to sources by the time she is Mariah age of 44 years old riri could be the most successful black artist of all time. Over here at swagonlock we expected riri to be in top 10 and Beyonce to be ahead of her but that anit the case so it’s clear as of 2014 Rihanna is the most successful black artist of all time. Reasons been she is young and is set to out last Carey and the other two artists are sadly dead. So more power to her amazing !!!

Divorce: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Sell $10 Million Mansion!

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have put there 10 million dollar house in Bel Air for sale, according to numerous sources the couple purchased the mansion for $13 million so they have made a 3 million dollar lose but their fine with that. Many state this is the start of a messy divorce according to reports the couple have not been on the same page for a while and they seeking a divorce, more this developing story as it comes meanwhile check out pics of the glamorous mansion !!