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Box Office Queen: Jennifer Lopez Earns Hit Movie With “The Boy Next Door”

Triple threat is what she is called, everyone knows Jennifer Lopez she is a legend in all types of entertainment from Movies, Music, Fashion, Television whatever it is you name she has done it well. Today box office mojo & forbes have reavealed that her new flick The Boy Next Door has debuted at number 2, on the box office with earning of $15million in just one weekend making it her second best opening figure as a lead actresses. The film is produced by Jennifer herself and had a low budget of $4million meaning its already made 4times its budget back making it a hit, and adding to jlo bank account which stands at a reported $430million dollars. More Power to J-LO she is the definition of “SuperStar”. Look out for another new film from her soon, co-starring Viola Davis from “How To Get Away With Murder” swagonlock knows it will be another hit movie!

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Movie Trailer: Jennifer Lopez New Film “The Boy Next Door”

Jennifer Lopez returns to the big screen with new “thriller” titled The Boy Next Door the trailer is extra juicy and builds anticipation for the film which is about a older lady having an affair with a teenager which turns into obsession. Critics have poised the film has J-Los best film since “Maid In Manhattan” and oscar buzz surrounds her performance in the film. Over here at swagonlock we love Mrs Lopez she is the definition of a triple threat, actresses, singer and dancer as well as mogul who’s net worth is a reported $500 million. More power to her!

Living with Ex: Jennifer Lopez and ex still In same house !


Living with Ex: Jennifer Lopez and ex still In same house !

J-Lo and her Casper Smart who broke up a few months ago due to cheating rumours are still living together in her L.A mansion.                                                       E news reports this story on why and how the exs are still shacked up !!