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Summer Sixteen ¬†Hello, all over the world swagonlockerz it’s been a hot minute, I will be returning to fill time blogging as soon as I graduate. The same tea will be spilt and the shade cleansed, cuz over here at swagonlock that is what we do. In the mean time to wet your appetite I have a video about summer sixteen fashion looks with up and coming YouTube blogger Najma check the video out, subscribe and comment. I will be back with my team soon soon throwing the shade and covering the hottest news worldwide. Till then lots of love ūüíď

New Video: Beyonce & Jay Z Bang Bang Part 1!

Beyonce and Jay z have released the video for their tour theme called bang bang, it’s a way of promoting the on the run tour which will close to a sold out crowd in Paris this Saturday. The clip is inspired by bonnie and Clyde so check it out !!!image

To Be Exposed: Kim Kardashian Scared Over Celebrity iCloud Hackers !!

The worlds biggest hack situation is happening right now with celebrities personal iCloud, data been hacked this has lead to fake and real naked photos of the likes of Jennifer ¬†Lawrence and Ariana Grande been released. ¬†The latest victim of the hacking scandal could be Kim K and according to “In Touch” Magazine she is terrified and doing what she can in her power to ensure this doesn’t happen. So what is she scared of? Sources say her iCloud includes information such as “Sexting” with her Ex Boyfriend Reggie Bush as well as freaky images with her and husband Kanye West. Other information hacked could be her families secrets and spending habits sources say Kim is spending beyond her means and her $45 million dollar net worth is not what people think due to spending on things like plastic surgery. Apple Have investigated the hack and advised everyone to Change there iCloud accounts. Over here at swagonlock we think the hacking is only going to get messier and messier and more dirty secrets on celebs will be released.¬†image

Hot $hotz:GQ Men Of The Year Honours Kim K!

The QG Men of the Year 2014 Awards took place in London, last night and the stars were all in the building. The likes of Rita Ora, Pharelle, Jessie J and Nicole Scherzinger were including in the ceremony. Shade has been thrown for Kim Kardashain West winning “Woman Of The Year” her husband Kanye was on course to support and was right by her side as she was honoured. Over here at swagonlock we don’t get our words twisted by Kim is one of our favourite reality stars and despite her lack of “Talent” we think accolades like GQ are appropriate for her lane, because it’s no Oscar orimage image image image image image image image image image image Grammy it’s a fun award so no pun intended by congrats to Kim and all the winners this year more power to “EM”.


Must Be Nice: Rihanna Continues Vacation !

Rihanna is balling out, she has been yachting for the past two weeks, travelling from Coast to Coast. She has been spotted in Italy, the Mederianne sea, south of France, her crew which

image image image image image image image image image image image imageincludes be$tiez Melissa and her assistant Jen have been uploading images via “Instagram” and she recently did the popular Shmoney dance while turning up. More power to riri on her well deserved vacation over here at swagonlock we hope after the vacay we will get some new music !!

Trailer: Love & Hip Hop- Hollywood

Hollywood is the latest, to get on the love & hip hop bandwagon with the likes of Soulja Boy, Ray J and Omarion joining the cast it’s set to be “RACHET” as well as entertaining and will give the image

Atlanta version a run for it’s money. Now to build up anticipation a new trailer has been released, with the September 15th air date revealed by VH1. Over here at swagonlock we can wait to watch this it looks all kinds of juicy !

Sad Files: Joan Rivers Officially On Life Support

Joan Rivers is reportedly on Life Support meaning she is in a coma and it will be a miracle for her to make it out alive. Joan was rushed to hospital after she stopped breathing during a routine vocal cord surgery. Sources state she is knocking on “Death’s” door and her family including her daughter Melissa is in shock. Over here at swagonlock we keep Joan in our prayers we hope she makes it out of this coma get better soon Joan.¬†image

Anaconda Bite: Nicki Minaj Video “Banned” In U.K

Nicki Minaj’s gem “Anaconda” has created so much controversy from the artwork to the single to the lyric nature of the tune. Today sees more issues for the single in the U.K the video has been banned for its-explicit nature and it can only be viewed after 9pm at night on music outlets in the country. ¬†Thiimage

s serves as another blow to Minaj because the single is yet to chart in the U.K it has so far reached top 20 in Australia and Canada. However we sure she anit losing sleep over the video been banned because it has broke the “Vevo Record” for most viewing of a video in 24 hours with almost 20 million views, it is also her highest charting single in America peaking at number 2 so far on the “Billboard Hot 100” so more power to Mrs Minaj!!!