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Beef: Lil Kim Continues Attack On Nicki Minaj!

Lil Kim has came for Nicki for many years now from the drama with K.Michelle whom Kim went mad at for calling Nicki The “Queen Of Rap”. ┬áBut Lil Kim’s new attack is a collaboration with Minaj’s “Nemesis” Iggy Azelia on her hit gem “Fancy” in the track Kim throws shade at Nicki, according to reports by T.I an official song with Iggy & Kim will come out soon. Over here image

at swagonlock we think Kim needs to accept the fact that she is scrambled eggs she just turned 40 years old and has a new baby she should focus on that and stop coming for Nicki minaj who is clearly winning at the moment with her song “Anaconda” number 1 on charts across the world.


Diss: Lil Kim Reveals Another Diss Song!

Lil kim is at it again after, dissing Nicki Minaj on Beyonce’s flawless she has created another song calling Nicki fake and stating whatever she does, she don’t it first in a new song called Identify Thief take a listen. Over here at swagonlock we think Lil Kim needs to pack it in and look after her new born child because regardless Nicki is still winning point blank period!