Broke: Nigerian Star D’Banj Broke Cant Afford To Pay Staff ?

Nigerian megastar D’Banj who is most famous for his hit tune “Oliver Twist” which peaked at number 9 in the U.K Official Charts . The afro-beatz star has a reported net worth of N60 million which is 60 million Nigerian dollars but in America that is only around $1,000,000 on a good day. Staff have told the media there have been unpaid for 3 months and that D’Banj is in debt with so many companies. In terms of our 2 cents over here at swagonlock we think D’Banj is living beyond his means, with a house in Nigeria and America its money spent in wrong ways and to get out this financial hole he needs to let some robes unravel, p.s do you think that is why Kenya from Housewives of Atlanta left him cuz he had no coins andD'banjawards she knew how to reed, kikikikiki a mess fix up D’Banj !


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