Dare Devil: Rihanna Swims With Sharks For Harpers Bazaarus !

One thing that sets Rihanna aside from any other artist is her “daring nature”, the mega-star pushes the envelope all the time. Four Five Seconds her new single is already a top 5 hit, and charting at number in 37 countries, even through many stated it was to slow, the singer proved them wrong, with that said her next daring role was swimming with sharks for the march issue of harpersbazaarus magazine check the footage out.

Over here at swagonlock we love riri new daring sound and music video for her single and we glad its doing well and proving you don’t have to twerk, be rachet or even rap and sing crap on a tune for people to turn up to for the song to be a hit. Riri showed she is indeed the queen of versatile. More power to her !B9CmC2ICcAAYrbw B9Cn0L4CEAABz8v B9CqC5fCQAEwaz8


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