Study Results: 77% Of Nigerian Women Bleach Skin To Look Like Beyonce & Rihanna!

image image image image image image image image imageNigerian Women all seem light these days when you see them in music videos or in Nollywood films but it’s because of the bleaching academic. Study’s show 77% of the women use lighting creams to appear whiter and be more attractive to men as well as
To look like superstar like Rihanna and Beyonce. Many stars have been accused of skin bleaching, at this point it’s a mega issue in many african countries as well as Jamaica on the island of Jamaica 1 in 2 use skin bleaching creams and it’s men, women as well as young children it’s really become an issue and people need to love their skin colour because it’s how God made you. This brings use to the point of bleaching are celebrities to blame let’s us know your opinions ???

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