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Hot Shot: Rihanna Reveals New Perfume Ad !

It hard to believe Rihanna has almost 10 Perfumes and they have all sold over half a billion dollars worldwide. Today sees Queen Rihanna reveal a new ad campaign for a new perfume titled RiRi by Rihanna.

The ad is stunning and nothing short of epic, over here at swagonlock we can’t wait to smell the delight that this perfume will be because Riri sure knows the smell of success more
Power to her !!!image

Music Trailer: Rihanna Bitch Better Have My Money

Rihanna, Rihanna where is the album girl? Fans of the young icon, will be smiling come Thursday, because that is the day the singers new video for her hit single BBHMM premieres on Vevo.

You don’t have to wait till then to see the preview because riri debuted a trailer at the 2015 “Bet Awards”.

Watch & Enjoy !!image

Break Down: Karrueche Cries About Rihanna and Chris Brown Drama!

imageimageimage imagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urCav62s0tk

Karrueche sat down with KeKe Pammer on her new BET show to talk about everything in her life including on again off again Bae Chris Brown and his mega star ex Rihanna and that led to her crying. Jezz ishh is real out here we can’t help but feel sorry for the girl but the navy do protect their leader. Messy situation this one we will be watching….