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Not Loyal: After Break-Up With Karrueche Chris Brown Takes Her BBF On Vacation!

image image imageChris brown and Karrueche Tran have reportedly ended it this time for real with her changing her number, but Chris has taken it far by embarrassing her on social media by liking pictures of his ex Rihanna. Now to add more salt to Karrueche wounds he has taken one of her best friends on vacation in St. tropez that is below the belt the friend is rumoured to be called Jessica and she is allegedly sleeping with Chris and is no longer friends with Karrueche. In terms of our opinion here over at swagonlock we think Chris is extra messy and sleeping with ur Girlfriends bestie is out of order Chris is not loyal and has no respect. “SMH”

Weight Gain: Chris Brown Continues To Gain Weight!

imageimage image image imageimageChris Brown is on vacation in France and recently snap shots of the star have showed his weight Gain in full sight. Sources state he was once 12stone due to his height of 6.1 at the moment he is rumoured to be around 16stone which is a 4 stone weight gain within less than a year. People need to understand that Chris was recently diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD and the medication from taking the drugs to help with those illness leads to weight gain so he will be back to fitness in the long run !!

Hook Ups: Chris Brown Plots Gets Back With Rihanna !

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Chris Brown has recently liked, Rihanna photo on Instagram, a pic created by fans of him and riri in bed. A few days ago Melissa Forde Posted a throwback picture of her and chris and riri from a few years back at a them park, this has lead to speculation that the twosome are plotting ways of getting back together. How do u guys feel about another chrianna hook up ??

Break Down: Karrueche Cries About Rihanna and Chris Brown Drama!

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Karrueche sat down with KeKe Pammer on her new BET show to talk about everything in her life including on again off again Bae Chris Brown and his mega star ex Rihanna and that led to her crying. Jezz ishh is real out here we can’t help but feel sorry for the girl but the navy do protect their leader. Messy situation this one we will be watching….

Break ups: Chris Brown and Karrueche Are Over Once Again!

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                                                                                    Chris brown has been a bad boy once more according to various sources including karrueches Instagram and twitter they are done. The two have unfollowed each other on all social media sites and kae keeps posting heartbroken quotes. The break up is due to chris going back to his old ways post-prison and chatting to various women and treating Karrueche like a side hoe. The two were last spotted over the weekend at Nobu Restaurant in L.A but called a quits the following day. Dang chris we at swagonlock think u need to grow up kae was by his side through is dark time least he can do is respect her, well guess the nig*a* anit loyal !!