Report: Rihanna To Release New Album On “Grammy Night” !

Rihanna is under fire by fans to release new music the megastar last studio album was the “hit” album Unapologetic which birthed the number 1 gobal hit ‘Diamonds’. Believe it or not its been 3 years since fans got new music from riri but that might be soon changing according to sources close to the Grammy Awards the star will release the entire album on Grammy night which is marked 2/8/15.

if reports are true this is surely exciting times for fans of the pop queen and the world at large, over here at swagonlock we think riri is taking way to long to release music. our two cents are that she needs to werk when she returns because people are dying to compare her new music to that of Beyoncé, no shade just tea on the real. Fingers crossed new music surfaces sooner rather than later. item0_rendition_slideshowVertical_dior-cruise-2015-starter


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