Battle Of The Divas: Beyonce Vs Rihanna !

imageToday’s battle of the divas is a fashion hit off between two of the most supreme selling artists of all time. Beyonce vs Rihanna, first of all the outfit is a “Chanel” denim 2-piece that retails for almost £16,000 it’s a pricy outfit. Rihanna rocked the outfit first all the way back in 2012 on the streets of NYC, Beyonce then followed and rocked the lock last week while on tour. So who wore it better? In terms of our 2 cents we think the fact that Rihanna wore it two years before Beyonce shows how fashion forward she is and why she is considered a “Fashion Icon” that is all we saying over here at swagonlock no shade so sound off who wore it better within the poll !


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