Legends: Four Most Successful Black Artists Ever Are Revealed!

imagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-7ABIM2qjUNelson Scanner, Billboard, Every Recored music outlet have revealed the most successful black artists of all time and so far the top 4 have been revealed. The top 4 consists of 2 livings singers and 2 late singers, Coming in at number 1 is Michael Jackson number 2 is Mariah Carey and in at 3 is Whitney Houston and taking number 4 is the most shocking of all Rihanna. Combined these 4 have sold over a billion records their are all legends in but what is surprising that Rihanna is gained all this success in less than 9 years and is sitting up there with legends twice her age at only 26 years old. According to sources by the time she is Mariah age of 44 years old riri could be the most successful black artist of all time. Over here at swagonlock we expected riri to be in top 10 and Beyonce to be ahead of her but that anit the case so it’s clear as of 2014 Rihanna is the most successful black artist of all time. Reasons been she is young and is set to out last Carey and the other two artists are sadly dead. So more power to her amazing !!!


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