EastEnders Spoiler: Lucy Beale Killer Revealed ?

imageimagehttp://uk.beamly.com/tv/feeds/beamly-exclusives/eb0fa2ed-bff1-11e3-7933-205a7920f19e/news/is-this-the-picture-of-lucy-beales-killer-/afbee6f0-11a4-11e4-99fe-af81f3ac381e?app-path=%2Ftv%2Ffeeds%2Feb0fa2ed-bff1-11e3-7933-205a7920f19e%2Fitem%2Fafbee6f0-11a4-11e4-99fe-af81f3ac381e&utm_source=facebookads&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=LucyBeale_220714Spoiler alert according to various sources, Lucy Beales Killer has been revealed through her mobile phone reflection and Jay killed Lucy. BBC have now been forced to change the storyline of the Lucy murder!!


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